‘Human Skills’ consist of the ability to interact well with others, to take decisive action, and to make judgment calls. All of our employees are involved in Kaizen activities, thus helping them to consistently hone these human skills, and to learn and develop naturally. This takes place in a safe working environment, where employees enjoy peace of mind.

Hello, everyone. I’m sure that you are all very busy with your work-hunting activities in addition to your studies.

As everybody already knows from newspaper reports, etc., Japan’s economy is booming owing to the construction work for stadiums and creating the infrastructures required for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In addition to this, the Abe administration has placed the priority on the economy and has succeeded in enacting various measures, which has stabilized stock prices and the rate of exchange, and GDP has moved from minus figures through to between 1% and 2%.

If we look around the world, we can see that the economy is recovering in advanced nations, and we have reached a period of stability.

Despite this, although nuclear threats have been removed due to the US-North Korea Summit held in June 2018, we are still facing geopolitical and ethnological concerns, such as the threat of worsening relations between Israel and Iran and other problems in the Middle East, the threat of hegemony in China and Russia, and the populism championed by America’s President Trump.

Amid this, the employment situation has shown increases in effective employment demand by between 20% and 50% and unemployment has fallen to around 2%, generating an unprecedented sellers’ market. According to the people in charge of vocational affairs at universities and high schools, requests for recruits received from companies has increased three- to five-fold. There is not much that can be done about this considering the yearly decreases in the labor population. I believe that it is a sign of the times that all industries will expand their interest in technological innovation centering around AI from now on. We have arrived in an age in which we in the automotive industry must accept the challenge of creating new technologies for the shift across to EVs and self-driving vehicles, etc. It is also no exaggeration to say that the age in which AI will change the work we do has arrived.

In an environment like this, I believe that the most important thing to do is polish our inherent skills. The skill that is inherent to the human race is the skill to live, which includes skills for interacting with others, taking action and making decisions. It may also include the ability to continue studying with humility. KSK helps its employees to polish their inherent skills as naturally as possible through the initiatives taken in our daily work based on the slogans of “Creation based on intelligence and the five senses," “Observe, Think, Act,” and “Don’t pretend to understand or pretend to know when working” that we have established, as well as through our Kaizen activities. We are also expending much effort on reforming our working practices. We are currently involved in creating age-free and barrier-free environments in which everybody, regardless of their age or gender, can work safely and with peace of mind.

I’m sure you have all witnessed various types of companies during your job-hunting activities, and I have heard that there are many cases in which new recruits go to considerable trouble entering companies, only to quit almost immediately. I therefore hope that you all find a company that matches up with your own desires so that you can lay down firm roots that will help you grow into your future lives.

There is no company that takes more care of its employees than KSK. Why don’t you drop by and confirm this for yourselves?

July 2018
Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President & Chief Executive Officer Tetsuro Komaba


KSK provides full support to ensure the growth of employees through training programs

Training Prior to Entering the Company
Employees are provided with training on the knowledge they require to work at the company, the concepts behind what it means to be an adult and other subjects before they enter the company via reports.

Greeting and Manner Training
Companies are organizational entities. Because of this, we believe that communications and the ability to pleasantly greet fellow workers are extremely important in being able to move ahead with work.

Classroom Lectures
Employees are provided with a firm understanding on the basics of each task with the people in responsible positions in each department acting as the instructors.

Practical Production Line Trainings
KSK is a manufacturing company. New recruits learn the basics of this through practical training on the production lines. The people in charge of each production line provide firm support.

Greeting and Etiquette Training

Head Office Study Tours

Company Visits

Training Results Presentation

Special Training

1. Basic Skills Training

KSK manufactures its products with the use of the machines of yesteryear that have supported us throughout. No matter how far digitalization advances throughout the world, we still believe that knowledge and the five senses are extremely important.

2. KYT (Risk-Prediction) Training

The element that must be given priority in the execution with ones’ duties is safety. New recruits learn how to predict hazards before they arise and receive practical training in making improvements.

3. Visits to Other Companies

New recruits are provided with training to enhance their ability to sense superior products through visits to factories operated by Toyota Motors and other related companies.

4. Head Office Training

The president provides new recruits with easy-to-understand lectures on KSK thought processes and policies, and on what it takes to become a KSK employee.

5. Training Result Presentations

The final part of the training program is to examine the results of the training that the new recruits were involved with during the training period. Once the presentations have been completed, each recruit will receive on-the-job-training (OJT) at their assigned posts, and will receive all support necessary from them to develop into upstanding KSK employees.

Overseas Training

KSK nurtures human resources capable of spreading their wings on a global scale. We nurture human resources capable of taking on the world from Japan; in other words, human resources who are able to spread the word about KSK’s technology.

Main Overseas Companies Accepting Exchange Visits
Nusa Keihin Indonesia

Visit Frequency
Four times per year

Europe Study Tours

Europe Study Tours

Europe Study Tours

Indonesia Study Tours

Messages from Colleagues

Listen to recorded messages from experienced staff members working on the front line at KSK.


7 years at KSK, Education: Nippon Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering

I work in the Casting Section, where I design dies. Casting is a production method in which molten aluminum is poured into dies at high speed and high pressure. The molten aluminum then rapidly solidifies to create products. The quality of a product is hugely affected by the quality of the dies used, and this makes my job rather challenging. However, it is a very worthwhile job, which enables me to conceive and develop my own shapes.


2nd year at KSK, Education: Kanuma High School of Commercial Engineering

I work in the unit plant, and I assemble several hundred similar parts every day. There is a big difference in my work performance now compared to when I was first assigned to this job. I feel that my job is worthwhile, and it helps me develop on a daily basis. This job is suitable for people who can concentrate on one single task, while taking in the comments of the people around them.


5 years at KSK, Education: Utsunomiya Technical High School

I inspect parts and decide whether they are acceptable or defective. If I make the wrong decision or make an error in my measurements, it will result in poor-quality parts being shipped to our customers, so my job is a position of responsibility. The company provides many opportunities for communication and exchange, and the opinions of the workers are incorporated and reflected in the workplace.


8 years at KSK, Education: Hokkaido Takikawa Technical High School

I work in the Manufacturing Section 3 on the processing line, inspecting shipments. We are currently carrying out improvements on Manufacturing Section 3, so that we create a working environment where women can also work without any problems. There are already lots of women working in the plant, and it is a worker-friendly company - regardless of what gender you are.

KSK baseball club

Hi everybody! The KSK baseball club has 23 members - from veterans to rookies. There are five tournaments a year; we were delighted to win the Industrial Estate Tournament for three years running in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Feel free to come and watch us sometime! And we extend a cordial invitation to anybody interested in joining us.

Casting Technology Section

Daisuke Saito

Contact us for further details.

Age-Free Company

Our aim is to become an accessible company, where people can work with ease – e.g. women with children, the elderly, or those with disabilities. KSK respects diversity, and strives to create people-friendly working environments, based on our slogan of an “Age-free Company”.

Working Elderly

Working Elderly

Working Woman

Working Elderly

Percentage of employees 60-years old or older
Ratio of Women Raising Children / Total No. of Women

Multi-Skilled Operators

KSK places great importance on training multi-skilled operators, who are capable of handling any machine and working on any line.
This provides workers with a wide range of additional skills, and these multi-skilled workers simultaneously develop competence in process improvement and manufacturing know-how.

Barrier-Free Factories

KSK is making great progress when it comes to improving and innovating working environments, and working methods, as well as machines and equipment. This ensures that we have a workplace where everybody - including women and the elderly - can work safely and with peace of mind.

Our No.5 plant in Hokkaido, which has been established as a model Barrier-Free Factory, is moving ahead with creating a factory in which all work, management and environmental affairs are carried out by women. The factory has already started up several women-only production lines and women will be tasked with carrying out all plant administration work in the future to establish a system that creates a working environment in which all women can work safely and with peace of mind.

Processing Line 1

Processing Line 2

Die-cast Finishing Line

Inspection Process

5 Lines
"Nadeshiko lines" ("cloves lines" with only female workers)
100 or more
Number of barrier-free improvements implemented