Processing technology: machinery made in-house

We produce 70% of our own equipment and 100% of our jigs in-house. This not only creates systems capable of fully satisfying the processing demands of our customers, it also continues our quest for next-generation production systems through the adoption of IoT and AI.

Machinery made in-house

Particular about Manufacturing

We have adopted initiatives to produce our own production facilities and jigs in-house, from the design stage through to production and adjustment. This allows us to produce high-quality products safely, within short periods of time, and at low cost. We intend to continue manufacturing products that provide customers with 100% satisfaction, including our swift response to customer requests for quality-related amendments to designs.

Approach to IoT (Industry 4)

The adoption of IoT linked into the manufacture of superior products

The IoT that KSK is aiming at will help us manufacture superior products as a direct result of establishing connections with all facilities, equipment and systems, connections with our Kaizen (improvement) activities, and connections with the development of human resources. In addition to this, the use of IoT will allow us to exploit the intelligence of our employees as a direct result of establishing visibility with and analyzing the AI data that we acquire from operating rates, quality and operations in the real-time, and will also help us manufacture products with high degrees of flexibility.

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