KSK has a long-standing reputation for forging ahead with their own in-house developments. These have focused on product lines, manufacturing technologies, and manufacturing methods. Today, we have a wide range of innovative products and technologies, which our customers value.


Innovative technology opens a path into the future

KSK has forged ahead with the development of new technologies, new products, innovative designs, and new processing methods. Learn more about "Plastic Flow Binding", our one-motor one-clutch transmissions control system and the "Super Flexible Line".

Integrated Production

Integrating next generation technology into production

KSK has integrated casting, processing and assembly – all within the same line. The first such "One-Piece Flow Line" was established in 2011, covering all aspects of manufacturing valve bodies for CVTs - from casting, through to deburring, processing, inspections and shipping. This reduced stocks by 98%.

Die-cast Technology

Replacement of steel by aluminum

Aluminum die-cast products are lightweight, environmentally-friendly and easy to recycle. Our die-cast technology produces high-strength, high-density, high-precision components, which can replace parts that were previously produced from steel. Thin-wall and processless die-casting further reduces weight and cost.

Processing Technology

Machinery made in-house

We produce 70% of our own equipment and 100% of our jigs in-house. This not only creates systems capable of fully satisfying the processing demands of our customers, it also continues our quest for next-generation production systems through the adoption of IoT and AI.


Innovative designs and technologies, and a proposal-based approach

We develop transmission control systems for everything from light vehicles ('K-cars') to large trucks. We strive for the best technical solutions for our customers, based on fundamental research, collaborative work with universities, and our extensive knowledge of the market.

Quality Assurance

Reliably producing top-quality

We provide 100% quality assurance, based on our company creed of “KSK is always mindful to produce top-quality products which serve society”.

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KSK produces aluminum die-cast products and die-cast components which are used in the assembly of the automotive powertrain. All the products we create are imbued with our spirit of "creation based on intelligence and the five senses", as well as our Kaizen skills.


Kaizen is in the DNA of KSK. We identify problems which can be rectified through improvement activities. This not only provides our customers with great products, it also means that our employees can improve their ‘human skills’ and workplace proficiency on a daily basis.