R&D: Innovative designs and technologies, and a proposal-based approach

We develop transmission control systems for everything from light vehicles ('K-cars') to large trucks. We strive for the best technical solutions for our customers, based on fundamental research, collaborative work with universities, and our extensive knowledge of the market.


Tear-down analysis provides optimal creative activities from a wide range of viewpoints

We are involved in creative activities that include the comparative analysis of other companies’ products against our own products in order to improve our own technologies and reduce costs. This also provides us with the opportunity to gain an understanding of trends in technology. The uniform management of technical information acquired from tear-down activities. Actively comparing and analyzing products enables us to come up with creative and optimal design structures.

Overseas Market Surveys

Actively Using the Results of Overseas Market Surveys in Product Development

Carrying out surveys in emerging nations on the configuration of simple and low-cost parts and on situations in advanced EV nations enables us to use our unique one-motor technology, to speed up reverse innovation, to develop future parts, and to produce high-quality, low-cost parts based on the existing part specifications demanded by customers.

In-House Development

Keeping a close eye on the future of the automotive industry to move one step ahead of existing concepts

What can KSK do in the face of the EV and self-drive vehicles of the future? KSK has created a research and development environment that is not constrained by specialized fields but that exploits the skills, hidden knowledge and the senses possessed by each and every one of our employees to ensure that we are always prepared to provide new development proposals that match up with the needs of our customers.

Test Facilities

A complete lineup of facilities covering everything from development proposals through to test evaluations

Our Technical Center is fully equipped with the facilities and test vehicles required to check and verify design quality within KSK, including a permanent benchmark room, 3D and 2D CAD, and various test units, analysis units and test vehicles.

Product Proposals

Development proposals provided with the spirit of “Craftsmen” to bring out the strengths of our technical skills

KSK is Japan’s only manufacturer of transmission control systems, and it has established a system in which we perform all processes involved in the manufacture of products that cater to the requirements of our customers, from lightweight vehicles through to large trucks, including design, analysis and test evaluations, not only for in-house development, but also for development on behalf of other companies.

Basic Research

Responding to the shift across to EVs. Basic research into motors and motor control technologies, thin-casting and process-less technologies already underway

The shift from gasoline and diesel vehicles across to Electric Vehicles (EVs) is accelerating throughout the world, and this offers the automotive industry a once-in-a-century opportunity for a drastic turnaround. KSK is making sure it firmly grasps the changes that will occur from now and has already launched basic research into motors and motor control technologies, thin-casting and process-less technologies, etc., in order to use them in the development of new products.

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Industrial Licensing Rights

Actively promoting the acquisition and effective use of intellectual property

◎ Metal Part Binding Structures

Metal part binding structures capable of binding parts onto hard metal products. This method joins two parts with differing levels of hardness together using plastic flow binding technology, where the ends of spindle-shaped part are pressed into the holes that exist on a ledge until they are connected together, and culminating in a softer metal being poured into the holes.

◎ Metal Part Binding Structure and Device

A method and device for joining together metal parts using the plastic-flow bonding method in which parts made of hard materials are pre-processed with grooves into which parts made of soft materials are poured by applying pressure in order to join the two parts together.

◎ Folding Gearshift Lever

A gearshift lever equipped with a tilting mechanism that enables the position of the knob to be modified vertically through three stages was added to the horizontal folding mechanism.

◎ AT Selection Lever

A selection lever for automatic transmissions equipped with a horizontal folding mechanism, based on the gearshift lever for manual transmissions.

◎ Powered Gearshift

A mechanism and control system for reducing the amount of force needed to operate gearshifts, equipped with a power motor, a decelerator, a sensor and a controller.

◎ AMT Gearshift Lever

An AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) gearshift lever comprising of a guiding mechanism to guide the movement of the shift lever and a detent mechanism for positioning the shift lever in a single structure

Joint Development between Industry and Academia

We have established a system combining industry and academia for joint research projects carried out together with the research teams of engineering universities in order to create a more tenacious system of research and development by adding “Academic Skills” to “Conceptual Skills” and “Technological Skills.” We are putting the knowledge possessed by engineering universities' research teams to its best possible use.
We are currently forging ahead with a wide range of joint research in order to aim at evolving the lightweight and thin-casting technology, of which KSK is justly proud, and enhancing our application technology.

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KSK produces aluminum die-cast products and die-cast components which are used in the assembly of the automotive powertrain. All the products we create are imbued with our spirit of "creation based on intelligence and the five senses", as well as our Kaizen skills.


Kaizen is in the DNA of KSK. We identify problems which can be rectified through improvement activities. This not only provides our customers with great products, it also means that our employees can improve their ‘human skills’ and workplace proficiency on a daily basis.

Working at KSK

All of our employees are involved in the process of Kaizen; continuous professional development helps the staff work smarter and ‘sharpen the saw’. This takes place in a safe environment, where employees enjoy peace of mind.