We are able to isolate problems and concerns by employing the mindset of our slogans: “too good to waste” and "transparency". The findings flow into our "Kaizen activities". This not only provides our customers with great products; it also enables our employees to improve their "human skills" and workplace competence on a daily basis.

Bottom-Up and Top-Down

KSK-style Kaizen: Integration of Bottom-up and Top-down

The steady and continuing Kaizen activities at KSK play a very important role in motivating employees. We have therefore established a bottom-up system that has been in effect for many years. Meanwhile, our top-down approach is used to tackle the challenges of maintaining high levels of quality, creating new technologies, and implementing fundamental research.

Kaizen Activity Principles

"Too Good to Waste", "Transparency", and "Kaizen Activities"

The above principles guide and inform employees in performing their Kaizen activities. They are trained to view scraps as “too good to waste” and to establish levels of data “transparency” so that everybody understands the situation, and problems can be analyzed and solved more easily.

KSK Manufacturing Philosophy: "Creation Based on Intelligence and the Five Senses"

Although the world is continuing on a path toward digitalization, we still need people to produce the systems, facilities and machines we use, and the improvements and innovations that push this forward are based on the knowledge of our workers. And, the “five senses” possessed by our workers are indispensable in discovering and solving irregularities and problems in machinery. Creating digital items by incorporating analog sensibilities with the use of intelligence, craftsmanship and the five senses is the KSK manufacturing philosophy.

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Kaizen Convention

Fostering the “development of human skills” that nurtures growth and facilitates change

The Kaizen Convention is held in July every year for the purpose of checking the results of Kaizen activities over the course of the past year, and of promoting the motivation to achieve further improvements. Nine winning teams from KSK and participating teams from overseas match their Kaizen skills against each other to compete for the Creation Based on Intelligence and the Five Senses Excellence Award (President’s Award).

Number of Kaizen Convention attendees
31 Teams
Quality Circles involved in Kaizen activities

“Do our best!” from the main members

Scenes of the Convention

Serious looks on the judges’ faces

Scenes of the Winner Announcements

Small Group Activities

The basic concept underlying KSK Kaizen Activities: All employees are divided into 31 small teams, where they carry out their Kaizen activities. These take place every week, with the managers of each department acting as consultants. Monthly feedback is provided by the president and our Kaizen advisor.


No matter how far digitalization advances, we still need people to use their "intelligence and five senses" to operate machinery and to make decisions. And it is also people who carry out our Kaizen activities. The Irie Cram School nurtures the skills and trains the people who will go on to play key roles in manufacturing and Kaizen.

Training Scenes (Practical Training)

Training Scenes (Lecture)

Training Scenes (Practical Training)

Training Scenes (Practical Training)

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Ever since it was first founded, KSK has been at the forefront of developing new technologies, while staying true to its philosophy of “Creating high-quality products to aid society”. This approach encompasses new products as well as new processing methods.

Working at KSK

All of our employees are involved in the process of Kaizen; continuous professional development helps the staff work smarter and ‘sharpen the saw’. This takes place in a safe environment, where employees enjoy peace of mind.