KSK makes aluminum die-cast products. Our fundamental approach is expressed in the above heading. From product development, through to engineering, and finally production: These tasks are performed by people, using their intelligence and their five senses to continuously assess and improve output. All of our products are imbued with this spirit.


Parts for HVs and PHVs

Solutions for Hybrid Motors and eMotor Units

Demand for hybrid vehicles (HVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) is expected to increase. KSK already delivers motor water jacket covers and housing covers for passenger HVs. Based on that experience, we are currently developing new parts for HVs and PHVs.

Water Motor Jackets for Hybrid Motors
Water Motor Jackets for Hybrid Motors
Water Motor Jackets for Hybrid Motors
Housing Covers for Hybrid Motors (Transmissions)

High-Precision Parts

Applying center gate technology

Center gate die-casting technology enables molten aluminum to be poured uniformly into cylindrical-shaped parts, which improves dimension precision, and renders them processless.

Drum for AT in passenger car
Piston for CVT in passenger car
Piston for AT in passenger car
Hub for AT in passenger car

High-Strength & High-Density Parts

Applying semi-hot chamber technology

Semi-hot chamber die-casting enables casting with an extremely low number of blowholes. After T6 treatment, strength is increased by 20-30%. Thus, steel can be replaced with aluminum die-cast material, which significantly reduces the weight of the parts.

Cover for fuel injection units
Front cover for Medium duty truck
Engine foot for medium duty trucks
Power shift case for Medium duty truck

Plastic Flow Binding Parts

Technology for Binding Different Materials

Patented technology that enables iron parts to be joined to die-cast parts. The direct fusion of the materials eliminates the need for bolt binding and makes drilling and assembly unnecessary. This means that parts become more compact, lighter and less expensive.

Actuator housing for valve control

General Die-cast Parts

High Functionality, High Quality and Processless

Produces components which combine high-functionality with high-quality specifications, such as CVT valve bodies and AT rear covers.

Valve body for passenger CVTs
Retainer for passenger cars
Rear cover for compact trucks

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Gear-Shift Levers

From lightweight vehicles to large trucks

Our gear-shift levers for light trucks, were developed in-house. They are equipped with a patented horizontal folding mechanism. We have a 60% share of the domestic M/T gear-shift lever market for vehicles of two tons and upwards.

Gear-shift lever for Medium duty truck
Gear-shift lever for Medium duty truck
Gear-shift lever for Passenger car
Gear-shift lever for Medium duty truck
Gear-shift lever for Passenger car
Gear-shift lever for Passenger car

AMT Shift Levers

Drastic cost reduction through the use of contact sensors

The use of a mechanism (patent acquired) that combines our in-house developed guide mechanism and detent mechanism has enabled us to achieve a more lightweight and compact product, which has resulted in a drastic reduction in cost.

AMT Shift Lever

Control Boxes

Control systems for goods vehicles – from light-duty vans to heavy-duty trucks

We have developed a control box which incorporates a power gearshift, meaning it can be operated with less force. This makes medium-sized trucks easier to drive, and has helped us reduce both weight and cost.

For pick-up truck
For medium duty truck
For light duty truck
For heavy duty truck
For medium duty truck
For medium duty truck

Power Shifts

We have achieved a two-thirds weight reduction

With an ultra-lightweight structure that is one third the weight of conventional models, our original patented power gearshifts are both inexpensive and compact. Our domestic market share for medium-sized trucks is approximately 90%.

Power Shift

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We develop transmission control systems for everything from light vehicles ('K-cars') to large trucks. We are constantly striving for the best technical solutions for our customers, based on fundamental research, collaborative work with universities, and extensive knowledge of the market.


KSK is renowned for forging ahead with its own in-house developments, which focus on product lines, and manufacturing methods and technologies. Today we have a wide range of innovative products and technologies.


Kaizen is in the DNA of KSK. We identify problems which can be rectified through improvement activities. This not only provides our customers with great products, it also means that our employees can improve their ‘human skills’ and workplace proficiency on a daily basis.