Into the future with innovative technology

KSK has forged ahead with the development of new technologies, new products, innovative designs, and new processing methods. Learn more about "Plastic Flow Binding", our one-motor one-clutch transmissions control system and the "Super Flexible Line".

Super Flexible Line

A new and efficient mixed-flow production line resembling a “Manufacturing Sushi Shop”

We asked ourselves whether we would be able to swiftly respond to an order for a single part. The answer we came up with was the creation of the super flexible line. We adopted a system in which production was possible for each different part by installing several of the same models of processing machines and transferring the jigs and the programs using USB memories, which has enabled us to establish a production line that features a small-lot production system that allows a wide variety of different parts to be produced without maintaining stocks.

Program Data Transferal Using USB

Scenes of Offline Jig Changeover

Switching from A Parts to B Parts

Correlative Checking with Barcodes during Tool Changeovers

Plastic Flow Binding

"Fusing materials" instead of using bolts to join parts

KSK’s Plastic Flow Binding technology is an original method developed by KSK for joining parts of different hardness. By applying pressure, the aluminum die-casting material is forced to flow into the grooves established in the harder part, thereby obtaining mechanical engagement. This happens at room temperature. Plastic Flow Binding has many advantages: simple process, high precision, strong binding, lightweight, and excellent productivity. The Japanese Society for Technology of Plasticity awarded KSK its Medal for Innovative Technology in 2015. Patents have been acquired in Japan and elsewhere. Plastic Flow Binding has been used in serial production for joining aluminum die-casting and steel parts since 2013, and it has continued apace ever since, with volumes of 20,000 pieces per month.

Cost reduced
Weight reduced

Old Product (Bolt Binding)

Cross-Section of Old Product

Cross-Section of Current Product

Plastic Flow Binding Area

Binding Resin and Aluminum

Applying the technology for joining aluminum-cast parts and resin parts

KSK has further developed its Plastic Flow Binding technology for joining aluminum-cast parts and resin parts. Grooves on the resin parts enable the aluminum to flow into these without the need for pre-treating the aluminum-cast parts. This leads to significantly reduced weight.

Cut Model

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We have developed a lightweight and compact motorized shift controller.

Conventional power shift control systems used two motors or three solenoids for shift and selection purposes. By combining the motor that provides motorization with the clutch, KSK has enabled shift and selection operations to be carried out with a single motor, which reduces weight by between 20% and 60% and halves the amount of space needed over conventional models.

Weight reduced
Space needed
Current Product (2 Motors)
Developed Product (1 Motor)

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