Integrating next generation technology into production

KSK has integrated casting, processing and assembly – all within the same line. The first such "One-Piece Flow Line" was established in 2011, covering all aspects of manufacturing valve bodies for CVTs - from casting, through to deburring, processing, inspections and shipping. This reduced stocks by 98%.

One-Piece Flow Line

The world’s first one-piece flow line accomplished by KSK

The One-Piece Flow Line involves a die-cast machine being located at the head of the line to enable “one-piece flow” through to the finishing, processing and inspection processes. This minimizes costs, space and unfinished part stocks, etc., and it is a production line for which we received the Technology Development Award from Toyota Motors in fiscal 2014. We currently have three lines in operation, which have improved the effects of valve body production.

Newly-Developed Diecasting Machine
We have developed the world’s first ultra-compact diecasting machine supporting space-saving, energy-saving, high-quality and high-productivity.

We have also installed a diecasting quality monitoring system.

Toyota Motors Technology & Development Award

Unmanned Lines

The concept is to carry out manufacturing using IoT in order to concentrate on each part.

We have adopted initiatives in which the manufacturing conditions for each part are grasped to reduce defective parts with the use of big data. We implement traceability management with the use of QR codes to monitor the manufacturing status of all processes, from casting → deburring → T5 processing → machining → inspections → shipping, so that only acceptable parts are passed onto the next process, and all handling is carried out by robots so that human workers can be concentrated on the final inspections.

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"Creation based on intelligence and the five senses"


KSK produces aluminum die-cast products and die-cast components which are used in the assembly of the automotive powertrain. All the products we create are imbued with our spirit of "creation based on intelligence and the five senses", as well as our Kaizen skills.


Kaizen is in the DNA of KSK. We identify problems which can be rectified through improvement activities. This not only provides our customers with great products, it also means that our employees can improve their ‘human skills’ and workplace proficiency on a daily basis.