KSK manufactures products for the automotive industry. We are proud to contribute to society through our Kaizen approach (CIP), our technical skills, and our manufacturing excellence. Every day we aspire to do things better, and create a working environment for the well-being of all employees.


KSK produces aluminum die-cast products and die-cast components which are used in the assembly of the automotive powertrain. All the products we create are imbued with our spirit of "creation based on intelligence and the five senses", as well as our Kaizen skills.


KSK is renowned for forging ahead with its own in-house developments, which focus on product lines, and manufacturing methods and technologies. Today we have a wide range of innovative products and technologies.

Working at KSK

All of our employees are involved in the process of Kaizen; continuous professional development helps the staff work smarter and ‘sharpen the saw’. This takes place in a safe environment, where employees enjoy peace of mind.


Kaizen is in the DNA of KSK. We identify problems which can be rectified through improvement activities. This not only provides our customers with great products, it also means that our employees can improve their ‘human skills’ and workplace proficiency on a daily basis.

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"Creation based on intelligence
and the five senses"