Privacy Policy

Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. strictly observes the Personal Information Protection Act and believes that it is our social responsibility to protect the names, addresses and other private information (hereinafter known as Personal Information) provided to us by customers, and we have therefore established the following basic policies for the purpose of protecting personal information.

1. Purpose and Limitation of Use of Personal Information

The personal information provided by customers will only be used for responding to requests and inquiries received from said customers, for mailing catalogs and other forms of documentation, and for any other reason listed on the KSK website. Personal information will not be used for any purpose other than those listed above without the express permission of customers in advance.

2. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

KSK will not provide third parties with any personal information without the express permission of customers in advance. However, this does not apply in the circumstances listed below.

a. Use or disclosure in accordance with the law.
b. Use or disclosure of information that already exists in the public domain through publication or news reports, etc.
c. Use or disclosure in the event of it being deemed unavoidable during emergencies in order to protect the life and well-being of the person in question, or the safety of said person’s assets.

3. Personal Information Management

In addition to managing accumulated personal information within the strict confines of the Use of Personal Information stipulation listed above, we have implemented rational safety measures through the thorough training of personnel and the use of a system that prevents unauthorized access, etc., in order to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, modification and leakage, etc., and to carry out corrective action in the event of this occurring.

4. Personal Information Referencing, Revision and Deletion

In the event of KSK receiving a request pertaining to personal information under our protection from the person concerned with regard to referring to, revising or deleting said information, we will make the information available for perusal, and revise incorrect information or delete information when so requested.

5. Inquiries

The contact number for complaints regarding, or requests for referencing, revising or deleting personal information under the protection of KSK is as follows:

General Affairs Division E-mail Address:
Telephone Number: +81(0)45-401-4721

6. Revisions to the Privacy Policy

KSK retains the right to revise the contents of the Privacy Policy in accordance with revisions to the law and other reasons deemed necessary.