Through its desire to contribute to society, KSK takes its Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously. We aim to be a "good company", the kind that is needed throughout the world, where all employees are happy to work. Our new Ohtawara Plant (see photograph above), which we opened in 2018, is a showcase for the next-generation of smart factories.

The manufacturing DNA of KSK consists of “Kaizen” and “Creation based on Intelligence and the Five Senses.”

We have built up a company that contributes to society through our Kaizen activities (CIP), and our technical skills and manufacturing excellence. We are also a compassionate company that strives to create a happy workplace environment for all employees.

In our quest to achieve next-generation production capabilities, we are constantly integrating analogue and digital elements. By collecting big data in real-time, we can create new value streams through the use of AI. However, the results of this data must first be analysed and interpreted through the lens of human knowledge. This is the meaning of our slogan: “Creation based on Intelligence and the Five Senses.”

As the automotive industry moves toward EVs, PHVs, FCVs and self-driven vehicles, there is an increasing need for lightweight parts - as the cars themselves are becoming increasingly heavier. With increased production capacities, we at KSK are forging ahead by creating new technologies and conducting fundamental research into new materials. All under the banner of our slogan: “defend today, attack tomorrow.”

As a manufacturer of automobile parts, the target of Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo is to become a pillar of growth for the automotive industry.

President & Chief Executive Officer

Tetsuro Komaba

Company Profile (Data as of 2019)

Company Name
Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
August 15, 1960
99 mil. JPY
President & CEO
Tetsuro Komaba
122 bil. JPY
ISO 9001
IATF 16949
ISO 14001

Sites and Plants

KSK-Map-V05_RGBHead office2-12-4 Irie Kanagawa-ku Yokohama-shi Kanagawa Prefecture 221-0014JapanTel: (+81) 45-401-4721Fax: (+81) 45-421-6821> Check on Google MapsEurope Liaison Office RD interloguec/o K16 GmbHSt. Annenufer 520457 HamburgGermanyTel: (+49) 40 3861 8956Fax: (+49) 40 3861 8985> Check on Google MapsPT NUSA KEIHIN INDONESIAJL. Selayar II Blok D7-1 Kawasan Industri MM2100 Cibitung-Bekasi 17845 Jawa Barat IndonesiaTel: (+62-21) 8984 4945/46Fax: (+62-21) 8984 4947> Check on Google MapsHokkaido plant2-4 Yura Kurisawa-cho Iwamizawa-shi Hokkaido Prefecture 068-0111 JapanTel: (+81) 126-45-4433Fax: (+81) 126-45-2301> Check on Google MapsKanuma plant10-1 Satsuki-choKanuma-shi Tochigi Prefecture 322-0014 JapanTel: (+81) 289-76-2141Fax: (+81) 289-76-2145> Check on Google MapsOtawara plantShimoishigamiOtawaraTochigi Prefecture 324-0036 JapanTel: (+81) 287-47-483Fax: (+81) 287-47-483> Check on Google Maps

Head Office

2-12-4 Irie, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture 221-0014, Japan

Tel: 045-401-4721

Fax: 045-421-6821

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Kanuma Plant

10-1 Satsuki-cho, Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture 322-0014, Japan (within the Kanuma Industrial Estate)

Tel: 0289-76-2141

Fax: 0289-76-2145

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Otawara Plant

1390 Aza Higashiyama, Shimoisigami, Ohtawara City, Tochigi Prefecture 324-0036, Japan (within the Nozaki Industrial Estate)

Tel: 0289-47-4831

Fax: 0289-47-4832

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Hokkaido Plant

2-4 Aza Yura, Kurisawa-cho, Iwamizawa City, Hokkaido 068-0111, Japan (within the Kurisawa Industrial State)

Tel: 0126-45-4433

Fax: 0126-45-2301

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JL. Selayar II Blok D7-1 Kawasan Industri

MM2100 Cibitung-Bekasi 17845 Jawa

Barat Indonesia

Tel: (+62-21) 8984 4945/46 

Fax: (+62-21) 8984 4947

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Liaison office in Germany

RD interlogue

St. Annenufer 5 c/o K16 20457 Hamburg Germany

Tel: (+49) 40.3861 8956

Fax: (+49) 40.3861 8985

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  • Aluminum-cast parts for hybrid vehicles
  • High-strength, high-precision aluminum-cast parts
  • Aluminum-cast parts for automatic transmissions
  • Gear-shift lever assemblies
  • Mission Courtland box assemblies
  • Power shift assemblies
  • Parts for all engines
  • Other various automobile parts

Major Customers

  • AISIN AW Co., Ltd.
  • Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Denso Corporation
  • Dynax Corporation
  • Ezaki Industrial Co. Ltd.
  • Hino Motor Ltd.
  • MAHLE Japan Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
  • Isuzu Motors Limited
  • Jidosha Buhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • ThyssenKrupp Presta AG
  • AISIN AI Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Radiator MFG. Co., Ltd.
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • UD Trucks Corporation

(in alphabetical order)


Organization Membership

  • Japan Auto Parts Industries Association
  • Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance
  • Hokkaido Machinery Manufacturers Association
  • The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Since its founding in 1960, KSK has gone from strength to strength and enjoyed sustained growth. This has been achieved over the course of decades - through teamwork, commitment to Kaizen, and dedication to excellence in manufacturing.

Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. established
Start of operations at Tochigi Plant (now Kanuma Plant)
Start of operations (SOP) at Hokkaido Plant
SOP at PT. Nusa Keihin Indonesia (Joint Venture)
TPM Outstanding Performance Award
ISO 14001
certification acquired
ISO 9001
certification acquired
certification acquired
Special TPM Award
SOP of One-Piece Flow line no.2, start of serial production with Plastic Flow Binding technology
Technical Development Award from Toyota, and Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment Award
Land acquired for the Ohtawara Plant, SOP at Ohtawara Plant,
certification acquired


Health and Safety Policies

Creating a good working environment

We have established a system to protect the health and improve the safety of every person who works for us. Moreover, we are constantly striving to create better working environments.

Examples of Health and Safety Initiatives

1. Eradication of Hazardous Locations

  • Hazard-prevention measures aiming at zero accidents (Installation of curved mirrors within business locations, evacuation route markings for each individual production line, improvements to die-cast mold storage locations, etc.)

  • The implementation of employee awareness activities through the installation of safety gates.

  • The installation of sports drinks dispensers and the adoption of rehydration time to prevent heat stroke

  • The implementation of practical hands-on KYT (hazard prediction) training for new employees

2. Active Implementation of Health and Safety Training

  • Basic safety and hands-on training at safety training facilities.

  • Implementation of training for preventing industrial accidents, and promoting traffic safety and sanitation

  • Employee awareness training through the issuance of Health and Safety Newsletters (issued four times per year).

  • The adoption of mental health training and the implementation of counseling for people with high scores on the stress-check chart



Moving toward a sustainable future for humanity and the world

As a member of society entrusted with conserving the global environment, we endeavor to strictly observe all CSR initiatives; all KSK employees and related organizations come together as one to play their part in improving the global environment and ensuring a sustainable society.

Volunteer Activities

Continued activities in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake

In the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we at KSK set up a range of volunteer activities in the disaster areas. These initially focused on removing rubble and helping to restore public facilities. Since 2012, we have been helping to raise the spirits of the people living in temporary housing by putting on events with "Edo Rakugo" (traditional comedy storytelling) and Tochigi specialty "Gyoza" (meat dumpling) barbecues. We intend to continue these activities, and thereby contribute in our own small way to the recovery of the Tohoku area.


Spreading local roots, thriving together

KSK is convinced that coming into contact with people in regional areas is beneficial for the company, and we have therefore adopted a wide range of regional contribution activities. A few of these are introduced below.

Eco Cap Collection Activities
This involves our employees and their families collaborating to collect used caps from empty PET bottles so that we can contribute to local welfare projects for purchasing wheelchairs, etc., for the disabled via “Zeni Banks” (centers for collecting and redistributing charitable contributions).

Eco Keeper Activities
This involves employees and their families taking part in the “Stop Global Warming Action” program initiated by local authorities in order to contribute to reductions in CO2.


Supporting the team, vitalizing local society

As an official sponsor, KSK supports the H.C. Tochigi Ice Bucks professional ice hockey team, which is based in the Tochigi Prefecture, where our Kanuma Plant and Ohtawara Plant are located. We believe that it is essential for us to contribute to the local community and for our employees to come together in their support.