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2018.12.05 | KSK report from Japan Number 96th

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2018.11.22 | KSK report from Japan Number 95th

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2018.10.18 | KSK report from Japan Number 94th

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2018.09.05 | KSK report from Japan Number 93th

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2018.07.31 | KSK report from Japan Number 89th

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We at KSK continue to move ahead with our Kaizen and improvement activities as well as our creative and development activities. Our spirit of "manufacture based on intelligence and the five senses" and our Kaizen skills are reflected back into all of our products.


KSK has forged ahead with the development of new technologies while bearing in mind our philosophy of “Creating high-quality products to aid society” ever since the company was first founded. We currently create a wide range of innovative technologies.

About KSK

KSK will do everything within its power to strictly observe all CSR initiatives and contribute to society to continue being a company that is needed throughout the world and where all employees can find happiness.